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Archslate Portfolio Awards

Prizes worth
Rs. 1,50,000/-
Internship Opportunities + Certificates + Recognition
We have divided the challenge into 3 categories to make create equal opportunities.


top 30 entries that are technically correct will get a structured portfolio review.
Participation certificate to all the participants with a completed submission.

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From each category

RS 30,000 + Publication + Internship/hike Opportunity + Certificate

First runner-Up

From each Category

RS 20,000 + Publication + Internship/hike Opportunity + Certificate

2 People's choice Awards

From each category

Publication + Internship/hike Opportunity + Portfolio reviews + Certificates

Key Dates
The dates are strictly followed and we look forward to get your amazing projects on time.

  • Registration Starts

    15th January 2023

  • Registration Ends

    15th March 2023

  • Submission Deadline

    15th April 2023

Jury Members

  • Coming Soon


For any other queries mail at

  • Can we submit projects from a colleague/mentor?

    We strictly deny plagiarism, and in the case of copied works, the participant would be directly disqualified.

  • Is it compulsory to submit a Resume/ Cover letter?

    The resume and additional work mentioned are optional requirements. The competition entries will only be judged for the four design projects. Resume and additional work are for the reference of Partner Firms for Job/Internship opportunities.

  • Can we work in a group?

    It needs to be an individual submission.

  • Is there a chance we can submit it after the deadline due to some reasons?

    We strictly recommend submitting the entry before the deadline. No entries would be entertained beyond the deadline.

  • What is the participation fees?

    The challenge is open and free for all to participate from anywhere around the world.

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